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Our story...

We are delighted that you have chosen to stop by and find out more about us at KitchTool.

Now you may be wondering why we are sponge mad! Well, the reason is purely that I had pet hate for smelly, germ-ridden, chemical-filled foam sponges and to find the perfect solution - I had to become obsessed! 

I was the customer, I was facing the problem, I was not able to find a cost-effective alternative to the standard foam sponge that was;

1. an eco-friendly alternative

2. had less chance of developing bacteria and germ (antibacterial) 

3. that wasn't a consumable that needed regularly replacing and finally; 

4. that wasn't going to hit the wallet too hard. 

Working as a Paramedic in the NHS, I was well aware of the risks of cross-infection and how I was promoting this in my own kitchen by using a foam sponge that was statically dirtier than my toilet seat. Whilst standing at the sink in my kitchen, that's where KitchTool was born and thriving today. 

We are not only a favourite by many customers on @Amazon but supported by @Instagram cleaning influencers and most recently, became the Prestige Awards KITCHEN & CLEANING PRODUCT COMPANY OF THE YEAR 2022 WINNER. 


Our vision is to provide cost-effective, eco-friendly alternatives that reduce the use of daily consumables whilst solving common problems in and around the home, built through customer input. An easy life is a happy life and we understand first-hand how sometimes, there are just never enough hours in the day! 

We have pledged to also reduce our own carbon footprint by changing the way we do things in a more environmentally way and giving back by planting trees and supporting environmental initiatives across the globe, every month throughout the lifetime of our business. 


Our products, like the KitchTool Trusty Trio of Silicone Sponges, were developed through customer feedback and recommendations to ensure it meets the needs of our customers whilst providing the best customer service possible.


We are here to help if ever you need us!


Dan Ruscoe

Founder & Company Director

Passionate Business Owner