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6 Fantastic Ways To Enjoy Easter With The Kids

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

BY CLAIRE @KitchTool - FRIDAY 15th APRIL 2022

Isn’t Easter just a great time of year? Lighter nights, sun shining that feeling summer is coming. Find out our top tips on having a full, fun-packed Easter weekend.

Easter Plans

If your children are off or just about to break up for Easter, have you made Easter plans? Are you going away or staying at home? Whatever your plans, I’ve got some fun Easter themed ideas to keep them busy and entertained.

Keeping Kids Entertained TOP IDEAS!


1. Making an Easter Basket

I use an old wicker basket I found lying in the cupboard pop some shredded paper in the bottom and get the kids involved in decorating eggs, chicks and bunnies. @homebargains have some great cheap craft themed bits. I love the polystyrene eggs the kids paint them and put glitter on them, each y

ear they add to their collection of eggs they’ve decorated each year and our Easter basket grows and creates such a lovely decoration.

2. Easter Tree

Easter trees have become quite popular and look really effective around the home. The kids love making and crafting, getting their hands dirty whilst perfecting those fine motor and creative skills. With all the old recycled items around the home, get them to make decorations like an easter tree, easter eggs, chicks and bunnies.

Cut out some of these shapes from cardboard, let your children decorate them, add some string or ribbon to the back and let the kids enjoy decorating their tree. I also found some lovely decorated mini eggs in @therange to mix in with kids' decorations and the tree looks fab, everyone comments on it.


3. Easter cards,

Just like any other time of the year who doesn’t love handcrafted cards from the kids. You can find some great ideas and different easy designs on @pintest and again lots of crafty bits in @homebargains and @therange which are really cheap and won't cost you a fortune. Or being eco friendly and helping the environment, why not make it a game and get the kids to pick items out of a box that you have collected decluttering the home?

Here are some great examples to get you started:

Easter Bunny Card

Easter Bunny Card 2

If you don't have a printer, sketch in pencil from your computer screen and go over in a dark marker pen for the outline.


4. Make an Easter Bonnet

Make and design your own Easter bonnet, any shape any colour as crazy as you like. The children will love it, simply cut them out a hat design and let them decorate it how they like. And don't forget to upload a photo and tag us @kitchtool and

We’d love to see your creative creations.

5. Baking/Making Biscuits

Whether it baking bunny biscuits or the classic cornflake nest, the children love it! They can really get involved, keeping them entertained whilst making lots of family memories.

Why not ask them to read recipes and find the ingredients they need from the cupboards?

Why not make some for your family members along with their cards?

You can have so much fun decorating them with some really simple ideas.

BBC Good Food: Easter Biscuit Recipe


6. Easter Egg Hunt

And of course, last but by no means least, the Easter egg hunt! You can buy so many treats now but it can be difficult if you have a child with allergies or intolerances to milk when it comes to Easter because let's face it, it's all about chocolate for the children!

You can now buy plastic eggs that can be filled with anything you like, that you can keep and re-use every year. I like to fill them and pop them in the bath or water or paddling pool and let the children use the net to catch them, they think it's great fun and just a little different. So you end up with an Easter assault course that keeps them entertained for ages while collecting treats along the way.

If you found this helpful, please give us your feedback @kitchtool.We hope you enjoyed our top tips on having a full, fun-packed Easter weekend.

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