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3 Silicone Sponge Top Tips On How To Use Them With 6 Usage Features...

Updated: Apr 24, 2022


To find out our 3 Top Tips on how to use Silicone Sponges whilst gaining 6 additional usage features, then keep reading. Now, to start...

Don’t you just hate that mildew smell in the kitchen coming from your sponges and scourers? Well, I do! I know nothing speaks more about germs than that smell and grimy-filled sponge packed with bacteria and baking in the sunlight at the kitchen sink (horrible image I know).


I was so fed up with constantly buying and replacing my sponges after only a week of use because they had started to smell, change colour, or break down, not to mention the amount of landfill I must have been adding to with the harmful plastics. I must admit, I’m Hinch mad and love cleaning! Not only does the house look tidy but it has a great positive mental effect.

I’ve seen some silicone sponges on Amazon and thought they’d be a great alternative being long-lasting, antibacterial, mildew and mould resistant, and safer for the environment; but, some questions remained, were they as good? Do you use it differently? How do you clean them? How long do they last?

After a quick scroll on Amazon, I decided to try them. I purchased mine from KitchToolÒ, the Trusty Trio Pack. Very excited when the Amazon delivery man was at my door, I started to use them straight away. Honestly, I just love them and now, even the kids enjoy trying to wash up.

Why do I love them?

I loved them for so many reasons, they don’t smell because they are non-absorbent, preventing the build-up of stagnant water and mildew. Silicone has antibacterial qualities along with the fact I can just rinse them under the tap or chuck them in the dishwasher and the food particles just wash off preventing bacteria build-up.

In the past month, I would have spent around £6 - 8 on sponges, that’s every month! A grand total of just under £100! The silicone sponge cost me £8.50 with a cheeky 5% discount from on Instagram. Although small, I feel I’m doing my bit for the environment too.

Now I’ve got your attention, you’re probably thinking how do they work?

There are only a few different types of silicone sponges on the market. I looked at them all and from reading the reviews, I chose KitchTool because of the positive feedback, variety of choices with the Trusty Trio pack, and that they were FDA approved, 100% silicone and BPA free so no harmful chemicals.


Useful articles:

1. The Times: You Should Throw Away Your Germy Kitchen Sponge Immediately. Here’s How to Wash Your Dishes Instead

2. Forbes: Study: Your Kitchen Sponge Has More Germs Than Your Toilet

3. Mindsetco: Are Silicone Products Sustainable and Eco-Friendly



Most silicone sponges and scrubbers are non-abrasive due to their silicone bristles giving the benefit of not damaging your pots and pan's non-stick surface. However, on some sponges, they have added extras like harder bristles, built-in nylon scrapers, and alternative textures. This alternative breaks down the burnt-on grime without it getting stuck in the sponge.


As previously mentioned, the sponges do not absorb water so lather differently from other sponges. The 3in1 silicone sponge has a handy soap dispenser beneath the bristles for you to pop a little washing-up liquid inside and through the little holes in the sponge, you get a gradual release of soap.

The grey silicone scrubber is more like a ‘normal’ sponge in that its foam capability is increased, great for glassware and ditches!


Coming in all the textures, shapes, and sizes it makes the silicone sponges very multifunctioning. I haven’t found something the three handy sponges don’t work on – albeit sometimes in a different way to what I’m used to. I use them for more than just washing up and cleaning – I even brush the dog and lint roll the dog hair with them.

How do I clean the sponges?

Cleaning them is easy. I just swill them under the hot tap or chuck them in the dishwasher on a normal cycle. They come up perfect with the added bonus that silicone sponges don’t stain so they always look new. KitchTool gave me a handy free eBook that gave some really useful maintenance advice, tips, and tricks.

So what other things can silicone sponges be used for?

Along with the usual washing the dishes, scrubbing the burnt-on food off the oven tray and washing my wine glass ready for the evening, I’ve also found them great for;

  • opening tough jars and bottles,

  • pet grooming,

  • as a lint brush for pet hairs,

  • covering door handles when opening/closing them,

  • cleaning my make-up brushes. You just add a little water to the round yellow sponge and move the brush in a circular motion.

  • carrying my Aldi shopping bags to make them more comfortable by stopping the bag handles from digging in.

Top Tip!

When you shop, check the silicone sponges are dishwasher safe, made from 100% silicone, FDA approved, and are BPA free. It’s important because in the long run it will save you money, give you so much more out of your silicone sponges and ensure they are much better for the environment.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed our 3 Top Tips on how to use Silicone Sponges whilst gaining 6 additional useful features. Take a look at what customers say about the KitchTool Silicone Sponges by clicking HERE! They really are an eco-friendly, money-saving alternative to your kitchen sponges and scourers!

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