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Add Some Scent-sation To Your Home Today With KitchTool Scented Woolies!

100% Natural Woolies with our Pure Essential Oil Blend to remove odours and chemicals, make your home smell fresh & uplifting and, be more sustainable. One FREE per customer TODAY!

★★★★★ Highly recommended!

"Eco-friendly way to use air freshener, put in drawers or behind the radiator and choose your favourite essential oil. Excellent" - LYNNE H. BEARSDEN, GLASGOW, 

RRP £3.99

What Are The Benefits?

100% Natural, Cruelty Free

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Free From Chemicals

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Antibacterial & Antimicrobial


Long Lasting Controllable Scent

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Sustainable Alternative


Why You Need Our Best Selling Scented Woolies?

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✅ NATURAL & LONG-LASTING: Enjoy a natural, long-lasting and non-chemical scent in your home with our scented woolies that are reusable and can be topped up with our KitchTool essential oil blends.


These versatile woolies can be used in various places to freshen up the scent and make the space more pleasant from drawers, cupboards, open spaces to cars, shoes, caravans and artificial flowers.


Our pure essential oils provide the benefit of not only smelling great but provide antibacterial, antimicrobial, and insect-repellant properties.


We pride ourselves on creating sustainable alternatives. The Scented Woolies reduce the amount of waste you create, provide you with a reusable alternative and reduce your long-term costs of home scents.


The Woolies are 25mm in size resulting in being an appropriate size to hold the essential oil needed for your space but small enough to be discrete. 


We have found that two woolies are great for open spaces but more pack sizes are available. You can choose the impact of the room scent through the amount of oil and woolies used - you have full control.



Just Pay £2.99 Postage


From the carboard box to the glass vial, you can reuse or recycle. With the Scented Woolies enabling you to top them up over a long period of time, you can be sure that the waste you create can be put to good use and not impact the environment.


Our Citrus Mint Blend is a trusted favourite as a multiuse scent for all spaces as well as being repellant for those pesky insects. Across our store, we have multiple scents available to purchase if you want to try something new all created from customer feedback. 

🏆 Kitchen & Cleaning Product Company of the Year 2022, 2023 - Prestige Awards 🏆


What's Included?

RRP £3.99

At KitchTool we want to offer our customers as much value as possible and that is why we are giving away a pack of 2 x Scented Woolies with 1 Bottle of Refil Oil for FREE. You just pay £2.99 postage. Only 1 free box per customer. 


We have also included some AMAZING extras;

- a FREE downloadable ebook with over 30+ sustainable cleaning tips and

- we have teamed up with the internationally renowned Sharon McNulty, an award-winning Master Certifies KonMari Home Organiser who is giving you access to her FREE Home Organising Audit Guide. 


Loved By Our Customers

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A Message From The Founder, Dan

Thank you for stopping by our website and store. It means a lot to all of us at KitchTool. As a family-run UK business, I'm passionate about providing a personalised service to our customers whilst maintaining our sustainable ethos.


I was just like some of you, looking for sustainable alternatives and wanting to find great cleaning products without compromising on quality. I wanted to make just small changes with my purchases just like many of our customers that I knew would have a collective impact on our environment, the waste I created and the pounds on my wallet.


To date, we have helped reduce over 7 tons of harmful plastics into landfill and have planted over 200 trees. We want you to have a great experience here at KitchTool and that's why provide you with the below assurances! Thank you and happy shopping!

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