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KitchTool Trusty Trio Video Series

Video 1: How to foam up your silicone sponges

Video 2: How to clean silicone sponges after use

Video 3: How to hold the yellow Uni Scrubber

Video 4: How to hold the black nylon scraper

Video 5: How to dry carpet clean with the Uni Scrubber

Video 6: How to dry dust with the Uni Scrubber

Video 7: Silicone Spponge Antibacterial Benefits

Video 8: Cleaning other silicone products

Video 9: How to use the Uni Scribber for dry dusting.

Video 10: Decontaminating your silicone sponges

Video 11: Cleaning knives with silicone sponges

Video 12: Cleaning a non-stick frying pan with a silicone sponge

Video 13: How to care for silicone sponges long term

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