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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


We reccognise that followers, customers and influencers LOVE the KitchTool brand and often promote their success. We haven't to reward you for that. If you have a social media account on Instagram, TickTok or Facebook and have 500 followers (not BOT) or more, then you can apply. 


Complete the below form and we will review the application. Once approved, we will send you further details to login to our affiliate portal where you can manage your account. 


As you LOVE the KitchTool brand and products and are a raving fan, all you have to do is share your experience of using any of our products on social media, via email or face to face. You will be given a 'Affiliate Gift Box; of FREE products and your own link which you must post whilst tagging KitchTool. On arrival you must post this box of goodies to tell your audience! 

If a follower/customer then purchases you will receive 15-20% commission per total sale (not including shipping). Affiliates often post videos, stories, posts and lives of them using the products or taking about them. 

Your customers/followers will also get a 5% discount from ordering through you. Any order where your discount code is used, you will receive the commission which can be tracked. 

The team at kitchtool are always on hand to help and will provide you with useful information and contact via a portal. Please watch the introductory video by our founder Dan for more information. 


You will have access to your own page on our affiliate protal where you can track you sales/commissions. You will receive automatic payments on a monthly bases. 


Trusted, Award-Winning, Eco-Conscious Company!
You have the ability to positively influence others, whilst making high commissions!
Get started TODAY!

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What is your key skill / ability you are proud of?
Do you agree to be featured in our press releases / media features and for your KitchTool content to be shared by KitchTool for advertisemet purposes?

Terms & Conditions

By selecting 'I agree to the terms and condition's' and submitting this form you agree to abide by the following;

  1. You will promote your experience and use of the products on a regular basis across your social platform/s and do so in a way that does not bring KitchTool into disrepute in any way. This will include inappropriate language and or pictures, bullying, harassment, spamming, or any other behavior which others may find offensive. 

  2. KitchTool reserves the right to end the affiliate agreement at any time with a 7-day notice period. Where T&C has been breached this agreement will be terminated immediately. 

  3. You will not resell KitchTool merchandise and products. 

  4. You can use the KitchTool Logo and content supplied in the affiliate support folder. You are welcome to make your own content as we want affiliates to blend into their current audience and be free to be creative where it meets the T&Cs. 

  5. Commissions are set by KitchTool and are based on a per-affiliate basis dependent on the following, progress, traction, and sales. Commission if for sales in the UK online and KitchTool products should not be advertised outside of the UK. 

  6. Where a payback has been issued (where a customer sale has not gone through or been declined by the bank) the commission for that sale will be withdrawn. Where KitchTool refunds a customer or part refunds a customer due to any customer service issues in relation to the product and not the service of the affiliate, the commission will still apply. Where this is not the case, KitchTool will advise the affiliate of the reason. 

  7. The affiliate can not submit their link to coupon websites.

  8. You will not make any medical claims under any circumstances. All product claims must only be those that are provided in the ebook, product packaging, or listing pages. 

  9. All affiliate sales are through the website only.  

  10. Where kitchTool is promoting a promotion over that of the 15% your followers will receive by using your link, KitchTool will inform you. 

  11. You agree to be added to the Affiliate mailing list and subscriber list to be kept up to date with important information, deals, products, sales, tips, and tricks. 

  12. Where KitchTool is to release new products, you may be invited to trial these products before release. Where you have been informed of an upcoming product, release, or promotion you MUST NOT share with followers or share on social media until advised by KitchTool. Eg a briefing will be published to you giving you key information, dates, and times. This information must be kept confidential at all times until the official release date which you will be informed of.

  13. KitchTool reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time. 

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