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Are You KitchTool Mad and have 3k+ Followers?
Become an Affiliate & Earn While You Post!

At KitchTool, we know some of our customers and followers are KitchTool MAD and LOVE to share with family, friends and followers. Because of this, we want you to get something back as valued followers. 

You can now become a KitchTool Affiliate and earn a commission on every person who buys from your recommendation. 



1. You fill in the form by clicking 'SIGN UP NOW'. We will take your details and review your application. 

2. Once approved, you will get access to our affiliate portal where you will find your unique link and can view your referrals and commission. You will receive a FREE 'Affiliate Gift Box' of products and merchandise for you to share with your followers. 

3. For every customer who clicks your link and purchases via our website, your customer will receive a 5% discount and you will receive an 15-20% commission (dependent on level). 

4. Every month you will receive an automatic payout of your commission. 


If you have any questions, no matter how small, we invite you to contact us via the chatbox. There you will find a common resolution straight away. 

If you need further support, one of our customer support team will take care of you. 

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Want to know more?
SIGN UP NOW above and hear from our founder Dan and read our FAQ's!

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